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gab in China, again
weblog 2008 (english only
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gab in beijing
weblog 2007 (dutch only)
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Gab in Beijing

From the end of October till the beginning of December 2007, I spent another 6 weeks in Beijing. During this period I mantained a dutch-language weblog, with many photos, describing my activities. These included working (as a guest in various studiospaces), making new aquaintances, producing print work, giving a presentation on the Dutch graphic design landscape, and the continuing exploration of and reflection upon the Beijing environment.

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curtain on curtain
large scale print, 2007
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Blik op Beijing

(view on Beijing)
visual essay for magazine ITEMs
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gab bericht uit beijing
weblog 2006 (dutch only)
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east| west
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SOME friends IN BEIJING (who have websites)

8GG > http://www.8gg.com/

8GG is a multimedia duo in Beijing composed of Jiang Haiqing and Fu Yu. Their works include music, video, installation, drama, and web art.
And they're both lovely people.

Urban China > http://www.urbanchina.com.cn/

My dear friend Han Yan is one of the chief editors of the publication Urban China that publishes a magazine on urban research related specifically to China....It is described thus on the website of the 2007 Documenta: Urban China is the first real magazine on urbanism in China, and a multidimensional text combining profound issues and simple narration, formal official discourse and vivid folk interpretation(...)
Their themes, and growing body of research, are source of great inspiration to me.

Dynamic City Foundation > http://www.dynamiccity.org/

Neville Mars of the Dynamic City Foundation very graciously offered me working space during my stay. The DCF is: a research and design institute focused on the rapid transformations of China's urban landscape. In May 2008 their long-awaited magnum opus "The Chinese Dream - a society under construction" will be published by 010-publishers.

MovingCities > http://www.movingcities.org/
Han Yan introduced me to Bert de Muynck and Mónica Carriço, a Belgian/Portugese couple currently living in Beijing. They are very much engaged in urban research, and prove to be inspiring companions to share my reflections upon, interpretations of , and fascination for, Beijing with. They operate under the name movingcities: movingcities is about understanding the role that architecture and urbanism are playing in shaping the future of the contemporary city.

YAH > http://www.anyah.cn

Introduced to me by Han Yan, YAH Interactive is a design firm owned by her good friend Wang Xuesong. They offered me their hospitality by offering me to work in their studio. Also they were kind enough to invite me to give a presentation on the Dutch graphic design landscape for an audience of young designers and programmers working for YAH and for Urban China.
Though their core business is interactive design for commercial projects, there lies lurking a strong desire to initiate more autonomous and experimental projects. In the future we hope to embark on some of these projects together.